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About Brunch 101

About Us

Brunch 101 was inspired by its owners own love for the ​dining experience that brunch can offer. There are no rules to brunch, anything goes. You can dress up or you can dress down. You can have a mimosa and a burger at 9am or eggs past noonIt's upbeat, exciting, and versatile. Brunch is the ultimate social experience that brings people together.


Oscar and Natasha have worked in the industry with a combined experience of over 25 years. They have been co-workers for 13 years across the Coachella Valley. Starting as co-workers and becoming good friends they realized they shared the same dream of having their own restaurant. Without hesitation they agreed that brunch was exactly what they wanted to do. Watching Brunch 101 come to life has been an amazing experience for them and genuinely a dream come true. 

Owners Oscar Vazquez & Natasha Garcia
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