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The Only Right Way to Brunch!

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What is Brunch?


Brunch is...

The socially acceptable excuse for day drinking.

We offer a wide range of mimosa flavors, mimosa flights and the best Bloody Mary in town!

Br (eakfast) + (L) unch

Brunch, a meal usually eaten late in the morning that combines a late breakfast and an early lunch. A term coined by Guy Beringer in the 1800's. He, like most of us, wanted to sleep in for a few extra hours in the morning and brilliantly combined breakfast and lunch. Now brunch is one of the most popular and exciting dining experiences. 


The Best Brunch Experience in Cathedral City

We are proud to serve fresh and flavorful dishes that will make you want to savor every bite. Friendly service and a memorable experience will make it truly the only right way to Brunch. 


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